October 2007

I’m not sure if Halloween in the library is the worst thing ever … but it’s close. Here’s a co-worker. Donnie Darko’s rabbit meets Conehead meets Bozo the Clown. Meets guy who’s worked in the library for a long, long, long, time.  The Conehead is at least 10 years old, as evidenced by the bandaid and the collapsing form. Thank god this day is over.


Not only that this woman could get so close to Condosleeza but that she had the restraint not to strangle her… and just look at Condi, probably worried about her hair or expensive suit getting messed up……


Well, I’m sorry for the guy who died but props to the Rhesus monkeys for striking back finally.

“Part of the problem is that devout Hindus believe monkeys are manifestations of the monkey god Hanuman and feed them bananas and peanuts — encouraging them to frequent public places. ”

Well of course monkeys are manifestations of god, as are all living creatures. Man has no right to torture any animal for the sake of medical experimentation. If man wants subjects, real subjects with real human biology, then we should be using the child rapists in our prisons to experiment on. Those guys deserve it. The monkeys have done nothing.  Take the non-re-habitable sex offenders and put them to good use.  And yes, I truly believe that this would be morally preferable to using monkeys, rabbits, dogs, cats, pigs or whatever other innocent animals are currently held in the labs across the country.

UPDATE: And now this? Is the animal world increasing its attempts to tell us there’s something terribly wrong here on this planet???? Ya think?


So I think I finally reached the end of my rope. Stress is killing me. I truly felt I might explode these past few days.  Moving to a new house, having intense bodily pain, being sick, having no emotional support from people I would like to have it from but support from a few friends who I do appreciate, a drunken ex-husband who abandoned his daughter again , abandoned his promise to help with our move, trying to make me as crazy as he is …….. pretend boyfriend ditched me ( again — it’s what pretend is all about) , broken physically and mentally,  hemorrhaging money ….. meanwhile working at the busiest library branch in the entire city, filled with crazies, working extra hours to afford the new house……   i know it’s not like Iraq but survival in the city can still be tough for a woman trying to take care of a child and everything else on her own … I got some Murakami to read… The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, and got some valium ….. decided just to never leave the little house for anything but work and groceries…. things are looking up.


Colbert is running in SC, his home state. My home state. South Carolina FINALLY gets its just rewards…….   amen brother… if I lived there he would get my vote for sure. Will be so interesting to see if people will give the anti-vote to him. Haven’t we all been saying Stewart/Cobert forever????? And is he serious? Who knows? He should be a write-in candidate you crackers!!!! Get it together and make it happen!!!


I am habitually late. It’s a genetic thing. In fact, I was born almost a month overdue. Now, as a library slave, I am constantly plagued by my inability to get to work on time. Recently I made the decision to correct this behavior and vowed not to be late any more. So, rather than blather on about my past failures I shall document my successes, ad infinitum. Just Monday, I actually arrived 10 minutes early. See? No need to cry at the desk over failure.

UPDATE: No late arrivals in the past week, despite some close calls. Good news. And thanks to thedonofpages for the insight. Of course.


So Tessa is totally stylin at the library today in her outfit – all purchased from Goodwill and Value Village. Here’s the breakdown: Shoes $5 (from Spain) , Jeans $10, (Joan & David) Belt $5 ,  Sweater-turtleneck $6 , Leather Jacket $30 by John Carlisle. Total cost: $56…. ! Damn she’s hot in dem jeans! What did Tessa have for lunch? Tortellini, salad with balsamic vinagrette and garlic bread. Unfortunately, she has no gum.  While at work, she busied herself with searching out a fantastic venue for her upcoming birthday party. 

Danny Bonaduce is my new hero.

I love that message. It just kinda says it all.