You will get what is coming to you. And it will be all the nothing you deserve. All the nothing you have given.  Because it is true that what goes around comes around. And flaming dildos will rain down upon your house when you least expect it – fiery projectiles in the night. Consider yourself warned. Sometimes you just gotta open up a good can of female rage on posers like you. Of course, the saddest part of it all is that I used to love you . I can’t believe I let it get that far. Just further evidence of my own poor judgement. 

UPDATE: Okay, I’m coming to my senses.  Anger is one of the stages of grief, as we know. I’m not throwing any flaming dildos at anyone’s house and I’m not a raging lunatic at the moment. Life’s too short to waste on regret and ill feelings. Sometimes things just don’t work out.  My reaction was severe as this was the first relationship I’d had in many, many years having just come out of a dead 10+ year marriage.  Like finding water in the desert and then having it taken away.