So the HDTV I bought has been calling to me to watch the local PBS channel for weeks. Last night my daughter and I watched Frontline (about the UN / World leaders non-response to Darfur/Chad) and also a fantastic NOVA show about a village in Africa where the spiritual leader brings in army ants to run off termites that are destroying the village. Wow! If you’ve never seen the Queen Termite up close and personal then you don’t know true horror. We were both screaming … and laughing.. Scarier than any horror flick I’ve ever seen. Anyway… there is some really interesting shit out there on tv if you look for it. Thank god our days of fucked up reality tv are (almost) over. Project Runway, ANTM and The Amazing Race (and The Office) are still on our list of watchables.  Speaking of Cognitive Dissonance, what led me to watch the second show was that I just couldn’t go from watching Frontline and seeing the misery of a country that no one cares about back to some mindless American escapism.