The Stranger is doing it’s annual fundraiser The Strangercrombie Annual Holiday Gift Auction. All proceeds go to FareStart, which enrolls homeless men and women in an intensive 16-week program of on-the-job training and classroom instruction in cooking, as well as assisting with medical treatment, places to sleep, and social services. FareStart runs a restaurant and catering service, and also provides meals for shelters and low-income schools.

I have bid $600 for the Blake Lewis Karaoke gift. I’m guessing if I win, I get to sing Karaoke somewhere in Seattle with Blake. Why I chose to get into this, I’m not really sure. Seemed like fun?? Anyway, I’ve pledged $500 of my own money and friends are kicking in the rest. Any of my 2 or 3 readers who want to join in, let me know.  If you donate, you get to come to the show! What an incentive, huh?

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UPDATE: I’m still the top bidder.   I asked WHERE this will occur and The Stranger answered “at a mutually agreeable venue”…… I’m thinking Yen Wor. That way my daughter can come in the restaurant side and meet Mr. L. Perhaps I’m counting my chickens before they hatch here…..

UPDATE 2:  I’ve been outbid. I’m going to wait till Friday afternoon and see how high the bidding goes. I might put my money on something else fun, like mac n cheese at West 5 for a year. Or the odd assortment of plushies, which includes a stuffed sperm.