I hadn’t thought much about Dan Fogelberg in the past years – well not at all actually. But the Captured Angel album was pretty much in constant play back in 1975 when I started college.  And the dude was HOT too….. but yeah….. his music was pretty saccharin in retrospect.  How many weddings did “Longer Than” play at???  But I’ll defend my younger self and say at the time he obviously hit some chord…  Anyway, Fogelberg’s death today makes me curious about the music he’s been playing in the past 30 years. I was going to borrow some CDs from the library but….. we DON’T OWN any! Nothing. zip. nada. And he has 30 albums in his discography. Seems like we’d own at least one….. jeez….. now I feel even older than before I started this post.

I bought a 3.5 foot pink tinsel tree this year. We managed to fit most of our ornaments on it. This is kind of how I’m feeling about the holiday. Small. Massive consumerism has been going on all year at my house so this year Christmas has to be small.  

My best gay boyfriend has given me a veritable library of Sex books for Christmas – I don’t know, about 20 or so??? I plan to read each one cover to cover and try everything there at least once. This will be my project for the New Year.  Yeehaw!