I find that working in a relentlessly grinding branch library like the one I’m temporarily assigned to is wearing me down. I call it “temporary assignment” – they (management) call it “deployment”. Sounds like a military term to me. And in this case, it is much like being in the military. Constant surveillance of the terrain is necessary, must be on the defensive, must deal with a hostile and/or desperately needy population, must watch the delivery bins line up in the back like batallions of tanks, must watch the infantry (the poor LA1’s – a/k/a shelvers) bust their asses just to keep up, must keep up …… and stiff upper lip old chap…..  “SMILE WHILE YOU’RE DOING THAT SOLDIER!!!” ….   can I PLEASE get back to my sleepy little branch where the biggest problem is deciding what to have for lunch ???  As I have said… I have way too many personal problems to work in a library like this one. I need a kinder, gentler locale. I need a swooning couch and mint juleps.