I don’t even eat Pringles. Tonight I bought some on an impulse- a whim… a devil may care attitude of so what? Sometimes I just go a little crazy. Had no intention of eating them. Much less, eating them all in one sitting. But I was thinking about it. After smoking a little pot is when I was thinking about it and … Let’s just say I now undeeeeeeeerstand how I gained all that weight back in the 70’s. And I repeat I am NOT a pot smoker but once in a while I will partake and thank GOD I don’t usually do that because now I could eat everything previously deemed inedible in my kitchen. .. .. in fact I think I just ate some moldy bread and we’ll hope that’s not more hallucinogenics in the mold .but I digress.

The fucking PRINGLES, which we count on As Americans to be in tact, solid full potato chips when we pluck them from the tube which is PRINGLES trademark packaging… the tube which is supposed to protect and fortify the fucking PRINGLES that we are paying for… the mere name …. the sheer novelty and yummy chemically correct taste…. with all that god forsaken mother earth fucking packaging, gonna rot a hole in the earth packaging….. the fucking PRINGLES were not CHIPS... but mere crumbs……. i mean CRUMBS!!!!!! there had been no untoward jostling of my grocery bag. In fact the Pringles pledge adheres to strict unison of uniformity in the Pringles chip so the question of jostling is moot anyway…. so fuck you PRINGLES.

Shit. I’m hungry again…. gotta go eat some more PRINGLES CRUMBS…… ahhh. a better way to enjoy PRINGLES SCRUMBS…. i mean crumbs… is to mix them in with a little chicken tikka masala with brown rice….. that was SO TOTALLY worth the break in my train of thought.

Anyway…. here’s the photographic evidence of the TRAVESTY OF THE PRINGLES

UPDATE: NEW SANDWICH DISCOVERY: Actually a new twist on an old favorite. Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise, Alfalfa Sprouts, Crushed Pringles, and that yummy Asian Sweet Chili Sauce all on some mushy wheat bread……  mmmmmmm