So I took the spawn to Victoria for an overnight stay on Tuesday. Traveling as a somewhat unhinged, sober, menopausal single mom with possible pneumonia was a challenge, to put it mildly. There were thoughts of flinging myself into the harbor and simply drowning to put an end to my miserable life. But obviously, it was just a fantasy I entertained for a few dismal moments. There were some fun moments as well…. and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one can purchase cough syrup with codeine without a doctor’s prescription in Canada…

I’ll leave the parenting misery for later but now my librarian rant …. have you heard the latest on the Victoria library strike? It looks like the strike lead to a shutdown. And the coolest part is that the library staff simply stopped collecting overdue fines in an effort to get their grievance over unequal pay across to management. They didn’t stop working (except for a few lunchtime rolling walkouts) they just stopped taking money from the public to supplement the library budget. Brilliant. I see now ( a few days after I started this post) that they have reached a settlement, the workers got their salary increases and the libraries will reopen on April 8th….. But I didn’t get to see the library and you know as a librarian I am under the obligation to visit every library in every new town I visit. Again, no luck… when I was in NYC the library was closed due to a holiday…. dammit!!!

Now on to the next topic: the pregnant so called “man”…. makes me ask “what IS a man anyway?” Seriously. Is manhood now just a state of mind? There are too many transgendered people in the world to hang on to the standard beliefs any longer. But I get a pretty good case of cognitive dissonance when the subject of the pregnant “man” comes up. Because if “he” was really a man he could not be pregnant. But we are all supportive of people who want to realize their true, inner selves. But if he is really a man in his mind and spirit why keep the ovaries, the uterus, etc… ??? And I suppose it’s not really my business, but I am confused. Totally. Why are we all having babies in the first place?? Do we need the babies? Is it just selfishness to want a baby – like wanting a cute little puppy??? Are there not enough accidental, unwanted children in the world already? But I have my own child, natural born, so I can’t really complain can I? Or can I?

UPDATE: Apparently this is not the first transgendered male to have a baby! Wow… see