So I’m talking to my friend H. tonight. Basically we’re both sitting around whining about the men in our lives and how we’re so fucked up over them and blah, blah, blah, blah…… and I think? Why are we doing this when we could be sitting around talking, drinking wine, smoking some herb and watching foreign films? Men are good for nothing I tell her. But wait… they ARE good for two things: sex and lifting heavy objects. Oh I know how nice it is to feel some strong arms around you when sex is NOT on the mind, how lovely it is to sleep in the same bed with someone you can actually sleep with, like rocking on the same ocean as you dream, the beauty of just hanging out doing nothing together…. I have known all that and it is nice. But really men are mostly meant for sex and lifting heavy objects.

Unless you consider making babies, which, I suppose is a subset of “sex”…… at any rate. If he doesn’t come (over to my house I mean) I won’t build another addition on the fantasy. Jesus it’s good to feel clear headed once in a while…….

UPDATE: Who am I fooling? I like the arms around me at night and the sleeping together on an ocean of sleep….. I like the repartee, the give and take, the complimenting of skills, the drama… oh fuck, the drama…. funny. So funny.