Mundane revelations. This post in mundane so if you’re expecting something cutting edge (pardon the pun) and all sexy, just move on. I’m just using this blog as therapy at the moment……

I rent an expensive (for me) tiny house that sits on a huge piece of property considering the size of the house. I am expected to keep the yard up, in addition to paying big rent, all utilities too. I have been pissed about this for some time. I bought a friggin 400 dollar lawnmower so I’d have battery power and no cord. It was dumb but someone said they’d split it with me but that hasn’t exactly panned out so I charged it and still owe the 400 bucks. Extravagant? Yes. But I wanted an easy lawn mower that didn’t involve that incessant pulling of the rip cord to get it going and gas, etc. And I’m stupid…. did I ever mention that? So here I am with a giant yard a big ass heavy battery powered lawnmower and hedges, bamboo, weeds, bushes I don’t know what to do with and all I do is sit around bitching about it all. Yesterday I decided rather than getting tanked on Chardonnay in the evening (which I have not been doing lately thanks to a kidney infection) I would get on the ladder, trim the giant Laurel bush tops, weed, cut down everything in sight. Because I don’t have a clue about when and how to prune but they expect me to do it …. well fuck it , I”m doing it.

My hands hurt so bad after 2 hours of doing this. I had hand muscle tremors all through today. My tiny little hands just aren’t used to this kind of manual labor. But I felt good. I felt like I had done something meditative and stress relieving.

After work tonight I got out the mower and spent 2 sweaty hours mowing this HUGE lawn with a mower that is fairly heavy considering it carries a huge fucking battery to power it. ( think I mentioned that before) … I wore a tiny little tank top and a cute pink bra I bought last night and my black capris. I’m no pinup model by any means but I still thought maybe the old man next door was watching me and enjoying my ample breasts (that’s how they used to say it in the olden days,kids – “ample” – ) and the sweat running down my body as my librarian glasses kept slipping down my nose…… hot librarian mowing the lawn in her hot new pink flowered push up bra and tank top… let’s forget I’m about 15 lbs. overweight at the time. He’s 70 something….. according to the ladies of The View (bitches) my demographic is changing its expectations…… plus I think I’ve lost a few lbs. from not drinking this past week and also all the sweating in the yardwork.

At any rate. I am happy and pissed at the same time. I am happy to get out and meditate on life as I work my ass of and sweat off the pounds. I’m pissed I still have to pay so much rent and still not get any help with this yard. There seems to be a lesson here somewhere…… you think?

UPDATE: That is NOT my picture up there. It is sorta cool but those undies are tres tacky  if you ask me. The tat is cute though.