So I am overwhelmed by the news. I am overwhelmed by the events happening all around. I have a new therapist who suggests I turn off the tv for a while, and stop the blogging, the facebook chatter…. just put it all down for a while. Until I am ok with myself and can deal with my own crap, there’s no way I can do anything in the world but add to the chaos. So….. with that said, here’s a little blog post. Just a tiny one. Today my “to do” list: get Scout’s nails clipped, go to Burien for my MRI, call my doctor to schedule blood tests, watch a tiny bit of news, watch Horton Hears a Who, read, go to bed and prepare for a 5 day run at work after not working forever… and there is good news! My best friend Mikey is going to be joining the staff of my branch library. He is awesome. He is a real librarian. He is my best gay boyfriend. He is going to find out what a messed up branch I have been working in for 10 years…. oh dear…… well, he will fix it. Yay.