is going to sleep for a while. I don’t want to delete it and I don’t have the patience to go through every page and make the posts “pending review”… so I’ve done some of that for more recent posts and will let the old stuff hang around to haunt me….   I’m not sure if I want to disply my attempts at writing to random web surfers any longer…  not too many folks out there are regular readers so if I continue with this drivel, I might go password protected so the 3 of you can read from time to time (when you’re bored or curious as to what I’ve been up to….) Anyways. This has been an interesting endeavor. An exercise…  perhaps to continue or perhaps not….  feel free to delete me from your blogrolls , links, etc. and thanks to those few who have annointed me with the honor of appearing on said blogrolls….  now onto the work of Spring!!!