Can’t tell about it for now because it was the worst 24 hours ever. But instead I want to talk about my 8th grade typing teacher. I loved her. We all did.

Typing in the dark. Using the skills Ms. Harrison taught us on typewriters (yes, i said typewriters) with keys covered so we had to do it all by touch. Touch Typing , it was called.

“Youuuunnnnggg Ladieseeeeeees…. would you PLEASE SIT DOWN!!!!!” Beautiful young black woman teaching in a freshly  desegregated school in her geometric print mini  polyester dress with her cool chin length flipped bob haircut…. god how we loved her.

while we laughed at her.

No boys took typing except for one lonely reject. Probably the kid from Texas who had just moved to South Carolina… Columbia… god help us all…. and had no friends. It was beyond us, who had all grown up together why anyone in their  right mind would have ever lived in Texas.

Ms. Harrison; you took my heart and hijacked my memory forever.

Dreams are overtaking my reality these days.