How wonderful to be able to wear flip flops in Seattle. You get just about 2 months a year to enjoy decent climate here. Today and the past week have been such days. I haven’t stubbed my toe since I was a child but tonight, walking back to my car from the pub, there I went. And it reminded me of my childhood. Pain mixed with a nostalgia for when such things were commonplace.

Outside of the pub tonight as I waited anxiously for my friends to arrive there was a group of women on the corner. One was applying makeup to another and seemed to be giving her a makeover there on the street. I could not resist inquiring what they were up to. I asked if she was selling some product or something and her friend said no, she just was super stylish and liked to give advice. I got in line.

Jackie was her name. She instructed me to take off my glasses. I complied. She loved my hair. I told her I was 52 and she seemed genuinely stunned… her friend too. No…. I could not be more than 4o. I loved her even more at this point. Her major concern was my teeth and she insisted I whiten them every 3 hours tomorrow. I can do that. And I have to grow my bangs out and quit wearing my glasses. So. There you have it. I hugged her and thanked her for the advice and joined my friends, who had finally arrived, back inside the pub.

Life is beautiful. And so am I.