Seriously. This lugubrious self destructive bent must come to an end. Look outside. The sun is shining, there are lambs frolicking on the lawn chasing after butterflies, there’s warm porridge on the table. Dewy eyed rodents dart hither and yonder, scampering at my feet and tickling my toes as I embrace the lush greenness that is life. I am so thankful for the simple things. I have been given so much and yet I have a tendency to squander it all for the sake of….. what?

And today I get to work at the library! This is an opportunity for growth and sharing the love. The public provides endless learning opportunities, as does the challenged staff that I must work with. I’m taking this bull by the horns and turning that frown upside down, mister. I hear the bells a’ringin…. Hallelujah! Cobwebs are clearing as I type. Life is beautiful and so am I. Just for those of you who read that last post and thought I was done – I’m not.