I’m finding little to blog about these days. Work has been sucking the life out of me.  The library I work at now is very large and filled with a mix of kind, dangerous, crazy and rude people of all ages.  One of the worst parts of the job has been the middle school kids who swarm the library every day after school. Most are waiting on the Metro bus but waiting inside the library while they wreak havoc upon all around them. The bus stop is very poorly located directly in front of the library entrance.  Having a daughter of approximately the same age, I am appalled at the rude behavior of these kids. They are surly and disrespectful and they really bring out the worst in me. If my daughter acted the way they act she would be grounded for months. Our work team is trying to come up with effective ways to deal with them but it’s not going to happen overnight.  My solution is to trespass the whole group for at least a month and let them stand out in the rain or sun or cold or warm or whatever while they wait for the bus. If they need to hang out somewhere, they can go to the park. I’ve turned into a sour bitch. And I’m a Teen Librarian. Ha!!! Being a “Teen Librarian” was never my choice. It’s had some rewarding moments over the past 10 years for sure, but right now I’m pretty much over it.

On the home front, the girl and I adopted a little tan and white Chihuahua mix named Rosie. 7 pounds of unadulterated love. She was a stray picked up in L.A. and sent up here because their shelter was too full. The vet says she’s a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix.  I always thought Chihuahuas were snippy little terrified rat dogs, but Rosie is so well adjusted and friendly it’s hard to believe she was a shelter dog. We’re working on her house training and she seems to be slowly getting it….

Around me, friends are becoming unravelled. One of my best friends is on suicide watch, another going in and out of coherency, others just sad and bothered and stressed out over life in general. It does seem that this day and time has created a new negative energy in the general population. I’m just glad to be home alone tonight with my dog in my bed and ready for some sleep. Baby steps. Realizing one good moment at a time. It’s that or stroke out it seems. Over and out……