March 2012


I went for my first ever acupuncture treatment today. I have to admit I am totally open to it. I want it. The acupuncturist was a youngish good looking fellow. I filled out the forms and gave him my story. He mentioned “qi” and gave me a bit of a smile, as if expecting me to roll my eyes. Instead I told him I was open to anything. And I want this pain in my shoulder to go away even if it involves me dancing naked around a fire and walking on hot coals while chanting. I’ll do anything at this point. I am not convinced that the mere “wanting” is almost enough to make this treatment work but I think it will help. At any rate, the needles were applied, I stayed stretched out on the table for 20 minutes. The needles were removed and I was done. When I was putting my shoes on my shoulder did not hurt as it has during this mundane task for the last 5 months. It was a surprisingly pain free exercise . Still I am being cautious and don’t for a minute believe I am going to be healed so instantly but I do believe this is going to help.

Writing about various and sundry physical ailments isn’t exactly what i had in mind for this page, but it’s what happened today and i gotta start somewhere. From here on out the topics will hopefully open up. Along with my qi.



It’s been two years since I’ve been here. I lost the correct e-mail and password to this blog and could not get it back until the other day at work when it came to me in a blinding light. I had about 5 e-mails and four or more blogs back in the day so finding the correct combo of e-mail address and password for this particular blog was quite the feat. If the creative bug bites me, I’ll be posting more here soon. I’m 54 now and life has taken on a decidedly sedentary, mundane slant. Observations of life might not be so exciting as a result but time will tell……..