I saw the movie “Oliver!” 16 times when I was in 6th grade. I was obsessed with Jack Wild, who played The Artful Dodger. I knew every song by heart. I still know most of them and can sing them in character. Nancy, singing “As Long as He Needs Me”, Oliver sweetly singing “Where is Love?” and the Dodger singing “Consider Yourself At Home”…..  Fagan “I’m Reviewing the Situation”…..  I was so obsessed with Jack Wild that my friend Mamie and I would call the studio in LA where he was taping H.R. Puffinstuff, every day , several times a day, asking to speak to him. Mamie had her own phone line so the cost of  long distance from South Carolina to LA was of no consequence in our adolescent Jack Wild addled minds.  Finally, one day, the operator was so sick of us calling, she actually put Jack on the phone to us….. my god… imagine the shrieking screamfest that ensued….   when we were finally able to speak I asked weakly, “is this REALLY Jack Wild?”. He replied in that perfect cockney accent “who would it be if it ‘aint?”… more screaming and shrieking and crying on our end of the line.

He was cordial if confused about who the hell we were. He asked how the weather was in Carolina. I asked if he would come and be in our local Christmas parade. That’s all I remember. But god, the sheer determination of two adolescent girls still amazes me. We did it. We set our minds on talking to him and we did it.

Where is that girl? The girl with such determination? Such resolve. I guess she’s still in here somewhere. Still having various forms of hero worship. Occasionally brushing elbows with someone of some notoriety. I met Sam Shepard in a bar in West Virginia and in trying to act  all nonchalant like I didn’t know who he was I asked him “don’t you work at Jiffy Lube?”.. he was confused, looking a little scared and amused and then was very polite when I told him I was kidding. But he left the bar pretty quickly after that. My attempt at seducing him away from Jessica Lange thwarted.  I wonder still if he remembers that interaction. I can be a real ass at times.  I once took a personality test with one of the many shrinks I’ve had in my lifetime and she told me I tested as the most introverted person she had ever tested in her entire career. Funny eh?

UPDATE: Thank god I’ve aged a little better than old Jack, looks like life wasn’t too good to the child star… rest his soul….




So I’m driving to work today in a state of sheer panic over the overdrafts that are headed my way at the bank, again, after shelling out $380 for car repairs this week.  I’m listening to NPR.  A guy from Slate magazine is discussing good stocks for investment  now that Obama is in office. Obama has an I-Pod, so invest in Apple. Obama vacations in Hawaii, so surely people will be flocking to Hawaii to catch a glimpse of him and that hot bod in his swmsuit,  so invest in Hawaiian Airlines.  Target has a designer that is helping with some redecorating at the White House, so Target looks good too because we’re all going to want to have that Obama style aren’t we????  And last, but not least, there’s some company that runs gyms all over the country to which Obama has access for his frequent workouts.  Since folks  will surely want to hop on the treadmill next to the pres,  memberships are going to soar, so invest there too,  ladies and gents.

I just want enough money to cover my overdraft charges for the month. I never ever in my life had overdraft charges with any bank. Until the last few months where I figure I’ve paid close to 800 bucks or more in said charges.  I keep borrowing money from my ex-husband, who is not really my ex-husband yet because we’ve been too lazy to file the paperwork, so technically I’m still his legal liability if I go under…..  he has no money either since he works as a custodian and he’s about to drop dead from the hard work at age 59…..  but still he lends me money from the home equity line of credit he took out on the house. Yes, he got the house…  I got the crappy bunker style apartment…. long story……

Now pardon me – I have to go and invest all that money I don’t have in whatever operation breeds the dog that the Obamas choose for First Dog.  Or just start breeding them myself.  Puppy Mills for Obamaniacs !!!

Ken Schram. He’s opinionated, provocative and fugly. Isn’t it about time you got someone equally or MORE provocative and definitely more good looking to replace him? Ken’s been around for way too many years. Now time to UPDATE~~

Toby Hayse… for your perusal….is the perfect guy for the job. If you don’t take him I’m promoting him to KING5 or that other station here in Seattle. C’mon people. Let’s take this shtick into the 21st Century. Read his blog and know he is not only smart, hot and funny… he needs the forum and the forum needs him. I’m sick of Schram. Schram is like the 70 year old Children’s Librarian at my library who should have retired a LOOOONNNG time ago….. C’mon Ken…. give it up and hand the reigns over to Mr. Toby Hayse.


senseofimpendingdoom is online 12/21/2007 09:51 AM:
“I am online”
oh forget it i cant’ get it to change
Then e-mail me.
so it was the recurring dream where i’m back in high school and i already have my masters but they make me go back to take a math class i failed
this dream has been on forever
but this morning i finally went to the office to check on my schedule because i never really went to class and there’s two days left of school so i figure i should find out where i was supposed to be all the time
I guess that makes sense.
and then i meet these great women in the office and we figure out it was just a joke – i never had to do it in the first place but
they go back into the files and pull out all this stuff from the 70’s
one being some papers i wrote and the girl says i’ll give you 50 dollars if you JUST DON”T READ IT

So you read it, right.
I would.

So i read it and it’s nothing that bad. I have to explain that it was the 70’s so it coulda been anything
it wasn’t bad, i never got to finish reading it
something about 60 phone calls

So weird.
then they start bringing out a ton of other stuff
including a homemade music video that was kids doing hip hop in the school library

You found the combination to your psyche.
and i’m like “no way that’s from my high school cause the best we had was the Jackson Five”
then a bunch of clothes, stuffed animals and an entire bar/buffet filled with cool stemware and then i had to watch the reenactment of how they foudn their favorite bus driver and from there the clues to my psyche started fading away
but i became best friends with the office workers before i woke up although i did not get their names

Write it down in minute detail before you forget.
so obvious on so many levels
It should be, to you.
To me? not so much.

stuck in high school, feeling things are undone, i’m a fake,
Go write it all down.
a cruel twist that i should become a teen librarian
oh yeah it’s going on my blog
i’ll have to keep this im for reference
so anyway
i was going to stay up this morning after elyse got on the bus cause i was actually fairly well rested
but i thought hell if i can sleep another hour why not
and now i’m drunk
from the dream
That’s when all the strange dreams come.
After you wake up and fall back asleep.
strange – ER? My dreams are always strange, epic Fellini-esque
I rarely dream.

The Stranger is doing it’s annual fundraiser The Strangercrombie Annual Holiday Gift Auction. All proceeds go to FareStart, which enrolls homeless men and women in an intensive 16-week program of on-the-job training and classroom instruction in cooking, as well as assisting with medical treatment, places to sleep, and social services. FareStart runs a restaurant and catering service, and also provides meals for shelters and low-income schools.

I have bid $600 for the Blake Lewis Karaoke gift. I’m guessing if I win, I get to sing Karaoke somewhere in Seattle with Blake. Why I chose to get into this, I’m not really sure. Seemed like fun?? Anyway, I’ve pledged $500 of my own money and friends are kicking in the rest. Any of my 2 or 3 readers who want to join in, let me know.  If you donate, you get to come to the show! What an incentive, huh?

photo from www.blake-lewis.net

UPDATE: I’m still the top bidder.   I asked WHERE this will occur and The Stranger answered “at a mutually agreeable venue”…… I’m thinking Yen Wor. That way my daughter can come in the restaurant side and meet Mr. L. Perhaps I’m counting my chickens before they hatch here…..

UPDATE 2:  I’ve been outbid. I’m going to wait till Friday afternoon and see how high the bidding goes. I might put my money on something else fun, like mac n cheese at West 5 for a year. Or the odd assortment of plushies, which includes a stuffed sperm.

Danny Bonaduce is my new hero.