This day at the library has pushed me over the edge. I spent about an hour listening to an older Romanian gentleman telling me the story of his life but I could only understand about every 5th word he was saying…something about all the money he had and a woman he married who stole his jewelry although he had bought her a Lamborghini . And yadda yadda yadda… it finally dawned on me that perhaps he was a little nuts but I was kind of getting into just smiling and nodding. And thinking about that $1,800 car repair bill I have to pay tomorrow…. hmmm……  As I was still recovering from that interaction, another older guy came in and asked about getting a book so I flat out asked him “do you have a Lamborghini ?””” as I and the other librarian were rolling on the floor laughing… and the man says “no, but I have a BMW”… so I was trying to get him an ILL but he said he was on his way to the Carribean at which point I said wait till you get back to do this dude, but if you want me to go to the Carribean with you I will.  Of course, this is all highly inappropriate and unprofessional but hey! I’ve got bills to pay people.  I have 2.5 hours left in this shift and I just am praying to the god of Lamborghinis that I make it through without totally losing it.



Where DOES it all end? Obviously it ends after all is said and done. After the fat lady sings. When pigs fly, when hell freezes over, when you move into upper management, when you’re marinating in soil and worms, when you’ve moved into shart mode, the jig is up, the farm is bought, the hellish sensation that you’ve been there before sets in, tax season grasps you by the balls and nails you to the desktop, the seratonin uptake inhibitor is neither uptaking nor inhibiting, in fact you are exhibiting on the downbeat, and the symphony is playing on and on. You’re toast. You’re so yesterday. Your mold is showing, your eyes have seen the glory of the coming, you bet the farm and your dog died too. You’ve gone to the dirt archives. The cat is on the bed. You’ve put the smack down on it all, you eat the big one, you eat the little ones too, and then they eat you. Repeat.


senseofimpendingdoom is online 12/21/2007 09:51 AM:
“I am online”
oh forget it i cant’ get it to change
Then e-mail me.
so it was the recurring dream where i’m back in high school and i already have my masters but they make me go back to take a math class i failed
this dream has been on forever
but this morning i finally went to the office to check on my schedule because i never really went to class and there’s two days left of school so i figure i should find out where i was supposed to be all the time
I guess that makes sense.
and then i meet these great women in the office and we figure out it was just a joke – i never had to do it in the first place but
they go back into the files and pull out all this stuff from the 70’s
one being some papers i wrote and the girl says i’ll give you 50 dollars if you JUST DON”T READ IT

So you read it, right.
I would.

So i read it and it’s nothing that bad. I have to explain that it was the 70’s so it coulda been anything
it wasn’t bad, i never got to finish reading it
something about 60 phone calls

So weird.
then they start bringing out a ton of other stuff
including a homemade music video that was kids doing hip hop in the school library

You found the combination to your psyche.
and i’m like “no way that’s from my high school cause the best we had was the Jackson Five”
then a bunch of clothes, stuffed animals and an entire bar/buffet filled with cool stemware and then i had to watch the reenactment of how they foudn their favorite bus driver and from there the clues to my psyche started fading away
but i became best friends with the office workers before i woke up although i did not get their names

Write it down in minute detail before you forget.
so obvious on so many levels
It should be, to you.
To me? not so much.

stuck in high school, feeling things are undone, i’m a fake,
Go write it all down.
a cruel twist that i should become a teen librarian
oh yeah it’s going on my blog
i’ll have to keep this im for reference
so anyway
i was going to stay up this morning after elyse got on the bus cause i was actually fairly well rested
but i thought hell if i can sleep another hour why not
and now i’m drunk
from the dream
That’s when all the strange dreams come.
After you wake up and fall back asleep.
strange – ER? My dreams are always strange, epic Fellini-esque
I rarely dream.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures