About Michelle Obama’s speech tonight at the Dems Convention.  I know the doubt, I know the disappointments we have suffered as Obama waffles towards the status quo. But I can’t explain now how seeing this beautiful (yes, it does help sometimes) smart woman stand as a Black woman ready to become the President’s partner …. strong….. real… ( I think)…..  smooth…..  it made me cry for a while.  Of course, the expected criticism will come that she is “too strong” “too eloquent”… my god, she’s Hillary Clinton on steroids…. but no, she is just part of the whole picture.  Not a subjugate, not a poser, not a prop. A real woman who can speak (!!!!! can you fucking imagine???!!) in public and connect with her audience.

Coming from a childhood in the 60’s in the South, I find this an amazing moment. Cry White Guilt, Liberal guilt, Liberal sucking up …. whatever. Having lived through the assansinations of Presidents, Presidential candidates and Civil Rights leaders, being told I could not be friends with black kids at my school after desegregation, still seeing remnants of this in Seattle and in South Carolina…… depending on who you’re talking to…… this is a huge moment in history for me. It shouldn’t be so huge. It should be normal, like what’s the big deal?  But it is. It is a huge fucking deal. Especially for those of us who lived through and remember segregation and racism at its worst. Michelle Obama is not special because she’s smart and tough. She’s special because she finally got the platform, front and center, to show that there are many women like her in the world. And she did a freaking amazing job.  Amazing.

And I guess that is my post. I was going to try to write something more deep and thoughtful but this will have to do for now because I’m off to visit family in South Carolina for a few days and see how the Obama love is working down there….


I have nothing to say so I’m going away until I do. I’m pretty sure I’m in a depression. I’ve had bronchitis for a long time and I’m not getting a lot better. I can’t workout, don’t sleep too well, get tired really easily. All in all it’s a bit of a bummer. That and this goddamned Seattle weather… cold and rainy all the freaking time. It will pass and hopefully when it does I’ll have something to say and something to care about again. Here’s one little bit of hopeful news before I go: I talked to my 85 year old southern conservative (a/k/a a former racist, republican, southern baptist) mother today and she told me (again….it’s sticking!!!!) that she thinks Obama is the best of the 3 presidential hopefuls….. my god…..that is pretty amazing if you ask me…. cheers.

What a pig. Beating a Sikh cab driver in what MIGHT (????) be a hate crime. Hell yeah it’s a fucking hate crime…. I say we hang the asshole. Police asked the cab driver to pick up an “intoxicated” football fan after he was ejected from the sports event. Since when do police arrange cab rides for drunken assholes? Why wasn’t he just arrested for public drunkeness?   Attention minority cab drivers: NEVER pick up intoxicated asshole, testosterone-driven football fans… EVER.  I encourage everyone to track down this jerk and make his life a living hell for as long as possible.