We’ve moved again. The cabin is now a place I will visit but I shall live there no more.. The daughter’s father pulled a massive series of drunken fucked up antics, including taking her for Midwinter Break to Arizona to visit his parents, leaving for the airport at 7 a.m. drunk on absinthe. Nice. I channelled Ari Gold for about an hour, screaming into the phone “what the FUCK is going on?” and then turned my Ari impersonation on to poor S. who was just waking up but who was also drunk. Drunk men. Don’t care much for them at 7 a.m. with a little girl sobbing on the phone that she’s scared to get on the plane with her drunk dad. They had a ride, so they made it safely to the airport and on to the plane.  I scared S. out of the cabin and took 2 valium and went back to sleep.  It felt like a really bad nightmare and I had to knock myself out to stop the Ari Gold.

The girl had a great time in Arizona but upon return to Seattle the drunken Dad experience continued so I had to scoop her up and camp out with her at my sister in law’s condo for a week while I scrambled to find an apartment. I felt homeless. Desperate. So sorry for her. Fortunately the condo was luxurious so we were refugeein’ it up in style.  

So I finally found an apartment that suits us and we moved in last Friday. I really can’t take moving again for a long long time but I will say that the girl and I have it down to a science. I call us The Sunshine Moving Company.  It’s exhausting. I’m tired.  Work has been exhausting as well so the creativity I seek for this blog is suffering. I come up with some good ideas late at night after a few glasses of wine and a little weed, but I’ve been hand writing thoughts that are a little hard to decipher in the morning. Note to self: remove computer from the bedroom and put it in living room after daughter goes to sleep. Right. 

Today is a day off from work and I still have so much to do but for some reason I can’t get dressed or out of bed. Guess there’s little choice. Onward and upward. Again.