I blog for the fun of it. Or because I’m bored. If anyone reads this drivel it’s fine. If not, it’s fine. I deleted my last blog because i was sick of it. Only time will tell when this one will make me sick. Until then, enjoy.

5 Responses to “Por Que?”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hi. I completely found this by chance. First, I was angry at how you have treated your ex and how unapologetic you are about it. It reminds me of my long, lost… but I kept reading. I like how introspective you are. I like the depression. Time flying actually sucks ass. I respect and trust people who see life in this horrible light. Overly successful and/or happy people bring out such contempt in me. Is it non-conformity that will keep me from a similar heavenly existence too? Anyway, I think you are a good writer and you have inspired me to move closer to starting my own useless digital cry of angst out to the world. Thanks. -ken

  2. It’s probably not really useless if it helps you to send it out there. And thanks to you! (said overly cheerfully, of course….

  3. Michael Says:

    Wanted to send you a couple of lines to thank you for the blog. Apparently you regularly threaten to stop writing in that childish way authors have of demanding strokes. Okay, here’s some strokes. You are a peculiar thinker, and a very talented writer. You reach, and it reaches people. Get it?

    I’ll keep reading.

    1. I don’t think I was demanding strokes but thanks for the strokes! I just get sick of myself sometimes and feel I have nothing left to say. But thank you… it will flow again eventually.

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